Translator: Shande

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Hello. I am a freelance translator and I do high quality EN/PL translation in my free time. My specialization are mobile or online games and apps, since they are closest to my interests and hobby. Because I like playing games, I sometimes offer my services for in-game profits as well.


Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena

Polish localization - since Dec 2017

I have offered to help as a freelance translator when the game had not been released in Polish language yet. CAMEX GAMES hired a translator but let me look for mistakes ...and I found quite a few of them. After my report, I was given the chance to correct each and every mistake I found. When I did, I have been promoted and now I help with localisation on a regular basis.

Android OS

Games played

Android OS

Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena
Clash Royale
Forge of Empires
Fallout Shelter
A Girl Adrift
Good Knight Story
Cursed Treasure
Dice Hunter: Dicemancer Quest
Dungeon Delivery
Empires & Puzzles
Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom
I have only enlisted games which have taken me longer than a few taps. They were mostly RPG or fantasy-themed.

Windows PC

World of Warcraft - Legion
Heroes of the Storm
League of Legends
Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Diablo 2 & 3
Heroes of Might & Magic 1-5
Grand Theft Auto 1-3

...and many other titles, which were not so popular. My first game played was Unreal Tournament.


Self-learned programming languages & tools
  • CAT: memoQ
  • Always on time, within the deadline
  • Get to know the game or topic first, translate lines later
  • Flexible with applications - everything can be learned when needed
  • Proofreading and checking others is natural and easy to me


I have followed a path of language specialist in my education because I have loved languages since I remember. The differences between Polish and English is a topic that I find very interesting. Apart from English, which I have acquired as a child, I have always wanted to learn Japanese. I also know some German.

My interest in English language was boosted by computer games, which I have played in English - not in my native language. Even though I played as much in English as I could, I sometimes re-played the game in Polish to see the differences. I have sometimes even set English text but Polish voice.